Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Excerpt from A Love Like This!

Hey all!  I'm paying up!  You gave Ryan 700 LIKES on his Facebook Page and in return, here is your excerpt. (Please read the notes at the end, also).

The majority of you said HOT, so here you go, but know that there is a lot of other stuff in the book besides hot love scenes. :-)  NC-17 rating.



His hand ran down my back and up again, his fingers curled and the nails scratched softly.  Such an innocent touch, yet so arousing because it was Ryan.  I knew what those hands and mouth were capable of and my body reacted of its own accord.  He surged against me and I knew we wouldn’t be sleeping anytime soon.  The answering throbbing started deep within me and I sighed against him, giving in to the deep-seated need the never ebbed.
I should have known he could read me like a book.  His eyes never left mine and his hands moved down around both of my upper arms and bring me up so his mouth could close hotly over mine.  Lately, he was ruining my plans to take care of him, to give him a massage, let him sleep or to taste him.  He’d been so hungry for my body under his and his mouth on mine that I couldn’t deny him anything.  His urgency echoed my own.
My hands slid into his hair as we kissed over and over, rolling around frantically on the bed until the covers were on the floor and my legs were curled around his waist.  The air was cool on my bare skin wherever his body wasn’t covering mine, but the tremors weren’t caused by the cold.
“Uh….Juuuliiiaaa,” he groaned, as his body finally came into mine and we moved together in the love dance that was so familiar but surprising in its magnificence at the same time.   He whispered against the erratically beating pulse at the base of my neck before dragging his mouth up over my jaw and back to my lips, “Is it wrong to be this happy when other people are hurting so badly?  God, baby,” he grunted as I arched up to take him deeper into the warmth of my body.
I could feel every inch of him as we brought each other to depths of pleasure that transcends the physical, both of us panting love words and calling each other’s names over and over again, fingertips gently digging at the other’s flesh.  Ryan loved hearing my sighs and moans, so I let them all out as he brought my body to fulfillment.  Words weren’t necessary between us as we worshiped each other with our bodies and our mouths.  It was breathtaking and soul shattering every time.  Tonight our lovemaking was laced with a bit of the desperation we felt for our friends’ plight and the longing we would suffer in the coming days when we were apart; our kisses deepened and the touches became more clinging.
He filled me in every way.  Heart, body and soul; I was bursting and I could feel the intensity and desperation that drove Ryan on as he made love to me as no one else ever could, touching me in places I didn’t even know existed.  It was everything; it was amazing...  

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Hope you liked the excerpt. :-)


  1. I loved it.. I cant wait for this to come out. This has to be the best book I have read in a long time. Thanks for writing such awesome books...

  2. Thank you for such an amazing comment, Dianna! XOXO I finished another chapter today. :-)

  3. You're such a brillant writer! :)I can't wait for the book. You make other people happy and inspired. And the best thing about you is that you love to communicate with your fans. Such a humble writer :) More power to you Ms. Kahlen Aymes. :)
    - Camille

  4. I really really xant wait to read it!!!

  5. Are you coming to Texas anytime soon

  6. Thank you! I love talking to my readers! I think others who don't are missing out! I don't have Texas plans at the moment, but probably in the next year!

  7. OMG I love it. You have out done yourself. Thanks

  8. Fantastic "fanning self"