This was a video for my kickstarter project.  Thank you to all who made it successful! A new video will be coming soon.

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  1. The Blog looks great! Can't wait to get the actual book in my hands.


  2. ok chicky I have managed to find my way here, and am looking forward to popping in more regularly!

  3. I love the new trailer! Awesome job!

  4. Melissa Ramos
    Hi Kahlen!!! I'm a big fan of your beautiful Remembrance Trilogy! Just finished the third book and I literally ran out of tears!! This love story really touched my heart, this is the first time I cry so much while reading a book, at some points I just had to STOP reading because tears wouldn't let me see the words! That had never happened to me before, wow, amazing. I just wanted to know if these books will be published in spanish in a near future, I'm a spanish speaking person, I've told some friends about your amazing books and they want to read them so bad, but they don't speak english. I myself would read them again if in spanish, so please, hope we can have the miracle of your trilogy in spanish someday soon! Thanks for Ryan and Julia, they'll be always in my heart!

    1. My agent, Liz, is working on that, as a matter of fact! I hope it won't be too long. What country do you live in? I know there are variations on the language depending on the country.


    2. Those are great news! I live in Spain, but I'm actually from Latin America, so I'm ready for any spanish variation, hahaha... Either way as long as it's in spanish, we'll be thrilled to have it, thank you so much! And thanks for being such a loving person to us, your fans!