Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Win with Words!

What do writers and readers have in common?  WORDS!  

Winner receives a $25 Amazon Gift Card, an autographed print copy of Don't Forget to Remember Me and a personalized postcard from Ryan!  :-)


1. Make as many words as you can using only the letters in  the book title; "Don't Forget to Remember Me".

2. You may NOT ADD additional letters.

3. You can only use the letters in the title one time per word.  (E is in the title 5 times so you can not use E more than 5 times in a word or the word will be disqualified.)

4. The words must be listed in the American Webster's Dictionary to be valid.

5. Mail entry to with "October Contest" in the subject line, and your list of words in the body of the email,  by Midnight EST on Oct. 15th.  (Please only on entry per person.  Duplicate entries will be deleted, so make sure you've exhausted all of your words before you email!  Also, please do not send email correspondence to this address.  It is to be used strictly for this and future contests.  Plus, I am not judging, so I won't see them.)

6.  The winner will be chosen based on the list with the most valid words.  In case of tie, the names will be put in a hat and one drawn at random by Kathryn, one of my editors.  Who better to validate words than an editor? :-)

7. Winner will be announced on Halloween, Oct. 31, 2012

And, there you have it!  Get to listing your words and have fun!!  Good Luck!!

Love ya!
~Kahlen  XOXOX

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