Sunday, August 12, 2012

Amazing results on Amazon!

The promotional giveaway is almost over!  The Future of Our Past was offered FREE on (and and other international amazon sites) for five days to celebrate the release of the second book in the trilogy, Don't Forget to Remember Me.

I'm proud and elated to say that more than 32,000 copies have been downloaded so far and the book is #5 in the Kindle FREE Store.  DFTRM is moving up the charts and is around #400 on the amazon ranking.  I'm praying it will keep going until it breaks the top 100!

Thank you so much for downloading and for your faith in me and my work!  Here's to a lot more where that came from! (PS...only a few hours left to download TFOOP for free.)

Love and Peace...


  1. You should consider editing your overuse of the following words: uh, uhg, uhngg. These aren't expressions of ecstasy or pleasure ...they are considered to be for the most part expressions of disgust. Try using ahh or oh or nothing at all. It is very distracting when every other word is uh, unhg or ugh.

  2. I know not everyone has the same expressions in those moments, Candice. How you express yourself (or don't express yourself) in ecstasy, I'm certain is very different than I. I do appreciate your comment, however, you should consider that it would be more appropriate (and thoughtful) to criticize in private message rather than here on my personal blog. We both know it is an exaggeration to say the word use is "every other word". That said, if you've published a book, I'd love to read it. Please link me. Thank you.

  3. Just trying to give you a heads up for the next book in your series. I actually do like the plot(just can't get past the dialogue). I do apologize if you were offended but if you check out some of your reviews on Amazon I was not the only one that had an issue with this. Also I did not see an option to send you a private message (only e-mail) or I would have done so. As there was an option to leave a comment - I chose to do that. You can always remove my comments (as it's your personal blog) if you feel it detracts from what you've written in your blog.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Yes, I wasn't saying that you aren't entitled to your opinion, which is why I don't remove your comments from the blog. I'm prepared that not everyone will like the books. I'd be stunned if everyone did. What a boring place the world would be if we all liked the same things and all books were the same style! The email is a fine place to reach me. That's why I include the option.

    In my opinion, dialogue is not the same as narration. The way someone speaks is indicative to that individual. As I said, we all have different ways of expressing ourselves and not all of my characters are or will be identical or express themselves in the same way in this series or other books I produce. As a writer, I have to make those choices for each one of my characters as I write them. I will take what you say to heart, however, the majority of the reviews have been positive. Thank you for taking the time to comment.