Saturday, November 30, 2013

Angel After Dark, releasing in January, 2014.

The release of my next book, Angel After Dark, is looming on the near horizon!  I'm really excited!  The second in the series is just about done also, so it will follow soon on the heels of the first! Yippee

You 're going to fall in love with Alexander Avery!  He's a brilliant, alpha male, who's used to giving orders and taking no prisoners... always in complete control of his environment; in business and in bed: He's used to getting what he wants, when he wants it... especially with the opposite sex.  Angeline Hemming, is a beautiful, sassy, clinical psychologist who moonlights as a late night radio show host, a gig she took to use as a platform to promote causes she supports.  Her past has conditioned her to be strong and self-sufficient, so she has little time for womanizers, users or women who act like door mats.

Alex is furious when he finds out that his current girlfriend-of-convenience called into Angel's show complaining about him, but he's more livid at the host's advice. All hell breaks loose when these two control freaks "meet" via one very heated and stimulating telephone call.  It's impossible for either to deny the incredible attraction, despite coming to blows and never having laid eyes on each other.

The series is full of fun, snarky banter and hotter-than-hell love-play as the chemistry explodes between them!  But don't worry, in typical Kahlen fashion, there will be tears, heartache and angst as they fight it out for control over each other and more, fight their own conflicted feelings.  

Throw in a little mistrust, betrayal and danger...and it's ON!

Watch for cover reveal, blog tour sign up and more tasty treats, coming soon.....

Thank you to Hetty Whitmore Rassmussen and for the beautiful banner!!


  1. Oh, I've been waiting for this announcement! Cannot WAIT to read this book! I'm so happy for you, girl. You're amazing, as I've told you many, many times, and you deserve all of your success!


  2. Great book! Can't wait for the next one! Any idea when it will be released?