Wednesday, May 22, 2013

4000 LIKE TEASER from A Love Like This

Due to release on June 24!  

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So... Here you go:


Everything was perfect.  I’d never been more proud of her as I stood beside her and listened to her words.  Being so close to her over the years had made me take for granted how well read and educated she was, and how well she carried herself.  Maybe taking her for granted was the wrong word, but this certainly reminded me how amazing she was. 
She looked so stunning that I found my eyes locked on her constantly, sometimes forgetting to breathe.  Pride swelled my chest like a peacock’s.  This was her party, this was her world, and she handled it with calm, elegant precision.  Later, with me, she’d alternate between lascivious and loving, tender and taking, but always passionate.  She spoke to me without words, when our eyes would connect and the edges of that gorgeous mouth would lift in a sly smile, flirting and letting the tip of her tender, pink tongue peak out to lick her lip or bite her lower one.   I was rock hard just looking at her, and I needed to adjust myself badly.  I hoped no one noticed.
Julia was holding an almost-empty glass of white wine in her right hand.  She leaned in to excuse herself from the matronly woman she was speaking to and glided toward me.  I couldn’t help it, my arm snaked around her waist and pulled her close enough that she could feel the effect she had on me.  My open lips found the pulse at her temple and lingered on the warm skin and she sighed.  I could feel her breath rush over the skin of my neck, and my arm tightened.
“When can you leave?  I can’t wait to get you alone.”
“Mmmm…” her fingers curled into the front of my shirt and pressed into my abdomen.  I could hear the desire in her purr.  “Just after midnight.  What time is it?”
“11:40.”  The music playing throughout the room was classical but the din of voices was constant.  I longed for when the only sound in my ears was her breathing and soft moans.  “We’re almost there.”
She looked up into my face with lazy, hooded eyes. “Are we?” she teased softly and pressed her hip into my erection. 
“Soon,” I said with a smile and bent to kiss her mouth.  I didn’t care if she spilled her wine, or if I happened to drop the glass in my hand; I didn’t care that there were 400 people around us.  My tongue pushed hungrily into her mouth, and though our surroundings gave her a second’s hesitation, soon she was returning the kiss in full measure.  I pulled her tighter, kissing her deeply.  She reluctantly pulled her mouth away, but mine wanted to cling to hers.
“Ryan.  I’m working.”
“I know.  I can’t help it.  You’re so beautiful tonight.”
I scanned the room over her head as her lips brushed my jaw, and my eyes locked with a pair of blue ones not twelve feet in front of us.  My heart stopped.  


  1. *huge sigh* Ryan is oh so perfect. I can hardly wait for this story to be released! :)